Welcome to home of Dance Activ-8 – the dance workout designed to help you get fit, have fun and look great on the dance floor

After years of teaching a variety of dance styles and dance fitness classes to people of all ages and abilities, we know that many children and adults are finding well-known dance programmes hard to get to grips with. The steps are often complex or repetitive, frequently performed to music you wouldn’t usually choose to listen to, making classes hard to connect with or be inspired by.

We’ve designed the Dance Activ-8 range of dance classes, school dance programmes and training opportunities to change all that.

Run by professional, energetic and motivating teachers from Dance Education Services, Dance Activ-8 brings together a range of stylish, simple, modern dance styles into a new kind of dance workout, all performed to popular chart hits. We’ll teach you how to move and control your body in a way that looks great, improves your fitness, boosts your confidence and helps you to discover just how easy and fun a modern dance class can be.

We want to get the nation dancing to songs they love and get them healthier and feeling more confident in the process. We’d love if you would join us.

We think Dance Activ-8  is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a dance fitness programme, but we also offer classes in a range of other popular dance styles, including Zumba and FitSteps. Check out our info pages to find out which one is right for you.